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The Long Blue Line: Cutter Daphne and the “North Atlantic Vegetable War”

14 hours 28 minutes ago
Cmdr. William A. McKinstry, United States Coast Guard As the crew of the Ganeff[sic] told it, they were anchored on Rum Row Sunday night when the Daphne swung alongside. Suddenly a storm of paint pots, vegetables and other missiles came flying at them from the Coast Guard cutter . . . .                                                                                              The Baltimore Sun,Continue reading

The Long Blue Line: Class of 1980—40 years of women at the Academy

1 week 1 day ago
Cmdr. Kathy A. Hamblett, United States Coast Guard retired Framed as heroes, we are often labeled as courageous by others. To most of us, it felt like survival. And we persevered as only the young can–with verve and humor.                       Cmdr. Kathy Hamblett (retired), Coast Guard Academy Class of 1980 In recognition of 40 yearsContinue reading

The Long Blue Line: Coast Guard PSUs—Established 30 years ago for the Persian Gulf War!

2 weeks 1 day ago
Capt. John R. Olson, United States Coast Guard Reserve (retired) Beginning in 1982, the United States Coast Guard assigned responsibility to the Ninth Coast Guard District in Cleveland, Ohio, to train reservists for military mobilization. The intended mission of these “notional,” or prototype units, was to perform harbor defense for offload ports supporting that supportContinue reading

The Long Blue Line: “Into the Jaws of Death”—SM2 John Roberts and LCI-93 at Omaha Beach

3 weeks 1 day ago
BM1 William A. Bleyer, United States Coast Guard [Editor’s note: This article was inspired by a story written by PAC Matthew R. Schofield for Coast Guard Magazine in 2010.] “We were sitting ducks and the Germans clearly had us in their sights.“                             Steward’s Mate 2nd Class John Noble Roberts, U.S. Coast Guard Reserve TheContinue reading

The Long Blue Line: Native Americans in the Coast Guard—Semper Paratus since 1815

4 weeks ago
William H. Thiesen, Historian, Coast Guard Atlantic Area In 1815, the lighthouse keeper at Gay Head Light, Martha’s Vineyard, hired members of the Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe as assistants. The keeper recommended these men as the best workers available to support lighthouse operations. Since then, Native Americans from a variety of tribal nations have participated inContinue reading

The Long Blue Line: Cutterman John Faunce—distinguished officer of the Revenue Cutter Service

1 month 3 weeks ago
Paul H. Johnson, Librarian, Coast Guard Academy (retired) This Department in closing its official connection with Captain Faunce is happy to express to you its satisfaction at the prompt, energetic and able manner in which he has conducted his command whilst in its service.                Navy Secretary Isaac Toucey to Treasury Secretary Howell Cobb, AprilContinue reading

The Long Blue Line: The Ensign—Coast Guard’s brand identity since 1799!

2 months ago
Special Agent Keith J. Bassolino, United States Coast Guard Reserve When Alexander Hamilton established the “system of cutters” in 1790, the fleet was charged with enforcing U.S. customs laws, requiring revenue cutters to stop ships and board them. However, Hamilton’s cutters needed a way to identify themselves as federal vessels. Congress failed to appropriate fundsContinue reading

The Long Blue Line: 150 years of Arctic operations and the Polar Security Cutter

2 months 3 weeks ago
William Thiesen, Historian, Coast Guard Atlantic Area If you are subjected to miserable discomforts, or even if you suffer, it must be regarded as all right and simply a part of life; like sailors, you must never dwell too much on the dangers or sufferings, lest others question your courage.                      Lt. David Jarvis, Overland ExpeditionContinue reading

The Long Blue Line: Edward “Iceberg” Smith—Coast Guard’s admiral of the ice!

3 months ago
William H. Thiesen, Historian, Coast Guard Atlantic Area To the officers of the Greenland Patrol vessels: This is your command. Your first command. Your first great chance. It is hard, responsible, vital duty. War duty. Don’t fail your country or your ship or me.                                                            Rear Admiral Edward “Iceberg” Smith, 1944 In 1944, Coast Guard RearContinue reading

The Long Blue Line: “Selfless devotion to duty”—Seaman Scheuerman and the bloody landings at Salerno

3 months ago
BM1 William A. Bleyer, United States Coast Guard Although mortally wounded before he could deliver effective fire he remained steadfast at his post in the face of imminent death, thereby contributing materially to the protection of his ship against further attack. Scheuerman’s fearless action, great personal valor, and selfless devotion to duty under extremely perilousContinue reading

The Long Blue Line: How 80 Coast Guardsmen saved an Alaskan town during the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1919

3 months 2 weeks ago
BM1 William A. Bleyer, United States Coast Guard Occasion sometimes arise . . . in which the officers and crews are called upon to face situations of desperate human need which put their resourcefulness and energy, and even their courage, to the severest test.              “The Influenza at Unalaska and Dutch Harbor,” U.S. Coast GuardContinue reading
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