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The silent sufferers

11 hours 38 minutes ago
It was June 2, 2020, and I was two hours from the end of my shift. That’s when a supervisor informed me I was being forced to assist with a protest at a […]
APB Team

The power of teamwork

1 day 11 hours ago
Conducting in-service training is the single most difficult task for any instructor. Not only will they be judged on the class material and presentation like any other instructor, but they must face the […]
Todd Fletcher

Police training needs work

2 days 11 hours ago
The calls for more law enforcement training seem to be increasing: more de-escalation training, more implicit bias training, more less-than-lethal training. Those calls are answered with more annual training requirements, like Missouri’s recent […]
Kathy Cook and Joy VerPlanck, D.E.T.

You are the police department

3 days 11 hours ago
Across the nation, law enforcement officers are being challenged. Use of force is a national hot button, along with perceptions of systemic racism and civil protest. Local, state and federal lawmakers are tackling […]
Robert Spinks

The worst rank in law enforcement

5 days 2 hours ago
It’s the least effective and most unrewarding rank. All the ranks above it and all the ranks below it not only succeed at their missions, but their members feel useful, valued and part […]
Dave Edmonds
18 minutes 22 seconds ago
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