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1 day 7 hours ago
The Abilene Police Department has found a special use for its equestrian officers — engaging with the community.  Nine-year APD veteran and patrol officer Jessica Watkins said the department’s mounted unit was on […]
APB Team

Criminalization of mental illness

2 days 7 hours ago
In 1940, there were 223 state and county mental hospitals in the United States with some 420,000 patients. By 1955, the resident population had increased to 559,000 inpatients. Since then, the number of […]
Robert Spinks

Montana carpenter supports YOU!

3 days 7 hours ago
A Montana custom-furniture carpenter recently decided to show his patriotic spirit and support for law enforcement by donating hand-carved American flags to law enforcement officers, military and front-line hospital workers.  Bear Thomas used […]
APB Team

It’s a jungle out there

4 days 7 hours ago
Just when you think you’ve seen every slippery situation… Police officers in Clearwater, Florida, were called to a local apartment to extract a five-foot-long red-tailed boa constrictor from a couch. Terrifyingly, the snake […]
APB Team

Dark night of the American soul

1 week ago
The tenor of our times Terrorism — individually and collectively — has dominated and defined the tenor of our times. The liberation of Auschwitz confronted the world with a particularly stark and shocking […]
Dr. Stephanie Barone McKenny
1 hour 55 minutes ago
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