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How to Effectively Train Leaders for Large-Scale Incidents

2 weeks 4 days ago
By Tod Langley, Crisis Response Leader Training There is a growing awareness by leaders within our communities. Traditional training methods are not sufficient to support leadership development despite heroic, if not Herculean, efforts of countless first responders to save lives. There is no doubt that active shooter incidents are on the rise. Beyond the continuous […]
Staff Writer

HazSim, Hazmat Nation to Raise Money for Firefighter Cancer

3 weeks 6 days ago
HazSim and Hazmat Nation to host its 6th annual networking event at IAFC’s hazmat conference to raise money for the Firefighter Cancer Support Network and demo the new HazSim Pro 3 For the sixth year, Hazmat Nation and HazSim will bring together more than 200 hazmat professionals for a networking and fundraising event in conjunction […]
Phil Ambrose

HazSim to Reveal Next-Gen Platform at FDIC, Dragertown

1 month 3 weeks ago
HazSim’s revised firefighter training platform, that improves usability for frontline firefighters and training officers, will be on display at Dragertown at the 2023 Fire Department Instructors Conference For more than 10 years, HazSim has been the standard for training hazardous materials experts on how to properly use gas-detection meters in hot-zone evolutions. This month, HazSim […]
Phil Ambrose

How to Teach the ERG

2 months ago
By Joshua Fowler In the field of hazmat, there is no publication more ubiquitous than the Emergency Response Guidebook. It is taught at nearly every basic hazmat and firefighter hazmat class, is carried on most fire rigs and is the go-to source for first-arriving officers at a hazmat incident. It has even been converted into […]
Josh Fowler

How to Manage a Train Wreck and other ‘Big Ones’

3 months 1 week ago
By Rick Edinger Recent events including the earthquake in Turkey and the train derailment in Ohio should serve to remind public safety organizations that significant incidents can strike anywhere at any time. These are not limited to big cities or certain geographic areas. In the American fire service, such events are referred to as “the […]
Staff Writer

Hazmat Training Debrief: Corpus Christi, Texas

3 months 1 week ago
Hazmat Training Debrief will give you a quick recap of interesting hazmat training going on. This week we look at recent training from Corpus Christi, Texas What agency led the training? Corpus Christi Fire Department’s Hazmat Team Where was it held? Corpus Christi Fire Station 5 (Hazmat Station) What was the set up time? About […]
Phil Ambrose
57 minutes 46 seconds ago
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