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DC Firefighter-EMTs File Class Action Suit Over Pension

19 hours 41 minutes ago
Five dual function EMT-firefighters with the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services have filed a class action lawsuit alleging that the city has reneged on pension-related promises. The complaint seeks to require the city to comply with its contractual and statutory pension obligations, as well alleging the city was motivated in denying them their benefits due to their race and gender.
Curt Varone

Mother Sues Houston Police and Firefighters Over Son’s Death

3 days 19 hours ago
A mother whose son died after being tased and arrested by Houston police, has filed suit against the city, the officers involved in the apprehension, and five city firefighters. Meghan Sonnier Simms, the mother of Jermaine K. Sonnier, filed suit yesterday in US District Court for the Southern District of Texas.
Curt Varone

Florida Chief Claims He’s Entitled to Overtime Pay

4 days 18 hours ago
A Florida fire chief who resigned last December as part of a mass resignation, has filed suit against the fire district under the Fair Labor Standard Act claiming he was improperly designated as an exempt executive. Chief Jason Martin claims the Upper Captiva Fire Protection & Rescue Services District owes him overtime for all the hours he worked beyond 53 hours per week.
Curt Varone

Fire Law Roundup for May 29, 2023

6 days 21 hours ago
In this episode of Fire Law Roundup for May 29, 2023, Brad and Curt discuss a St. Louis firefighter accused of using a credit card that belongs to the victim of a vehicular accident; the former fire chief of Denton County Emergency Services District 1 has pled guilty to 13 counts of stealing while chief; ...
Curt Varone

Rochester NY Firefighter Sues Over Racist Party

1 week 4 days ago
A Rochester firefighter who was required to attend a racist party while on duty in 2022, has filed suit alleging race discrimination. Jerrod Jones, a 14-year veteran, filed suit in US District Court for the Western District of New York naming the city and his captain as defendants.
Curt Varone

Suit Alleges EMS Responsible for Victim’s Death, Not Homicide Suspect

1 week 5 days ago
A South Carolina man who is facing homicide charges has filed a rather unconventional civil rights lawsuit against first responders: he is claiming he is the victim of their failure to provide adequate medical care to the victim. Thomas Reginald Brooks filed suit pro se against nineteen defendants, including Sumter County EMS, the Sumter Police Department, and the Sumter Fire Department.
Curt Varone

Fired Minnesota Assistant Chief Alleges Whistleblower Retaliation

1 week 6 days ago
An assistant chief with a Minnesota fire department who was fired earlier this year has filed suit claiming his removal was retaliation for a protected whistleblower report he made. Shea Chwialkowski served as the Assistant Chief of Training & Operations for the Richfield Fire Department until he was terminated on March 29, 2023.
Curt Varone

Fire Law Roundup for May 22, 2023

2 weeks ago
In this episode of Fire Law Roundup for May 22, 2023, Brad and Curt discuss a lawsuit filed by a New York volunteer fire company against contractors over toxic fill used in the construction of a new firehouse; the filing of a lawsuit by the family of a man killed in a fire at a ...
Curt Varone

Fire Department Sues Contractor Over Use of Toxic Fill at Firehouse

2 weeks ago
A New York volunteer fire company has filed a toxic tort suit against the contractors who were responsible for using contaminated fill during the construction of a new firehouse. The Putnam Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. filed suit in federal court against John J. Adorno, John J. Adorno, Inc. d/b/a Universal Construction, and Metro Green, LLC, seeking at least $1.75 million in damages.
Curt Varone

Family Sues Over Fire Death in Homeless Encampment

2 weeks 3 days ago
The family of a man who died in a fire at a homeless encampment in Oceanside, CA last year, has filed suit against the City of Oceanside, San Diego County, and CalFire. The Estate of Gabriel Pritchard, Pritchard’s mother and his brother filed suit in San Diego County Superior court.
Curt Varone

YCMTSU Oregon Prompts Two Federal Lawsuits

2 weeks 4 days ago
“Throughout your life you hear about weird stuff that goes on in small communities and politics and stuff and here we are.” After reading what has been going on in the Tillamook Fire District, I think his quote can only be characterized as a severe understatement.
Curt Varone

Suit Claims Failure to Take Spinal Precautions Resulted in Quadriplegia

2 weeks 5 days ago
The Santa Monica Fire Department is being sued for malpractice for the care provided to a man injured in a fall last year. Baldev Devgan and Manju Devgan filed suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging Santa Monica firefighters failed to take proper spinal precautions following Baldev’s fall.
Curt Varone

Firefighter Claims Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Cost Her Two Jobs

2 weeks 6 days ago
A California firefighter who was dismissed from two different fire departments, has filed suit against one of the departments and three of its officers. Shelly White filed suit against the Rough & Ready Fire Protection District, Fire Chief Robert Vaughn, Captain Matt Wright, and Lieutenant David Hicks alleging sexual harassment and discrimination.
Curt Varone

Fire Law Roundup for May 15, 2023

3 weeks ago
In this episode of Fire Law Roundup for May 15, 2023, Brad and Curt discuss a suit seeking compensation for fire academy recruits in the Los Angeles County Fire Department who were quarantined in a hotel during the COVID19 pandemic; suits by two Pennsylvania families who lost their homes in separate fires after firefighters were ...
Curt Varone

LA County Facing Quarantine-Related FLSA Suit

3 weeks ago
The Los Angeles County Fire Department is facing a class action lawsuit that seeks compensation for fire academy attendees who were quarantined in hotels while not in class during the COVID19 pandemic. The suit was brought by a John Doe plaintiff alleging an overtime violation under the Fair Labor Standards Act and breach of contract under state law.
Curt Varone

Pennsylvania Families Blame Hydrant Failures For Losses of Homes to Fires

3 weeks 3 days ago
Two families who lost their homes in separate fires after firefighters were unable to get water from area fire hydrants, have filed separate lawsuits against the local water authority and township. The suits claim the defendants were aware of the problems with the hydrant system but failed to rectify the situation.
Curt Varone
1 hour 55 minutes ago
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