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America's Elite Female Athletes and Officers

1 day 12 hours ago
If policing was an Olympic sport, there is no doubt that Team USA would be standing atop the Medal stand, taking honors for gold, silver, and bronze—and America's female forces would be right there among the victors on the world stage.
Doug Wyllie

Only 43% of NYPD Officers Vaccinated

2 days 3 hours ago
An agency spokesman told The Post Wednesday afternoon 43 percent of its uniformed and civilian employees — or just over 23,000 of its total 54,000 workforce — have been vaccinated.

Portland Officers Declining Opportunity to Join Gun Violence Unit

3 days 6 hours ago
The uniformed squad, dubbed the Focused Intervention Team, is designed to fight gun violence proactively with a patrol presence on Portland streets. The plan has been to have the team cover seven days a week to get guns off the street directed by police intelligence, identify people involved in recent shootings and “interrupt the cycle of violence.”

CA Chief Faces No Confidence Vote from Officers

3 days 6 hours ago
Santa Ana Police Officers Association President Gerry Serrano says the union is moving forward with a vote of no confidence in Santa Ana Police Chief David Valentin, though the date of the vote hasn’t been made clear.

Panasonic Announces New Fully Rugged Modular Toughbook 2-in-1

3 days 7 hours ago
Panasonic says the Toughbook G2’s modular design supports the evolving demands of public safety users, offering increased flexibility and enhanced productivity. With three modular expansion areas and up to 36 different xPAK combinations, users can customize the Toughbook G2 to suit their needs.
1 hour 27 minutes ago
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