Stock up your pantry for emergencies


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Stock up your pantry for emergencies

Submitted by Bill Degnan on Sun, 01/05/2020 - 21:27
Restock your pantry

We had an episode of "Shopping in Dad's Pantry" recently, but it wasn't a severe drawdown because -- strategy.

I like to have a little extra in there because you never know. Family might come Trick or Treating (out of season) or there might be a zombie apocalypse in the toilet paper isle at my favorite grocery store. And, believe me, one of those is a bigger problem than the other. So, I like to have enough on hand to survive a couple of weeks before I have to resort to the half case of Gulf War I-era MREs I squirrelled away. Especially since they've been picked over by experts and there's probably only Pork Patty as a choice. (Shudder)

Tactics: When I shop for canned goods, I buy double my requirement for the month. And, I add some things that I wouldn't ordinarily use but like to have for emergencies. That's stuff like canned potatoes, ham, Spam, corned beef and chicken.

There's rice, beans, pasta and dehydrated hash browns.

And, there's more in shelf-stable aseptic packages than ever before. There are heat and eat side dishes, taco fillings, bacon pieces, tuna, milk and almond milk. Once you open it, you're on the hook. Finish it, refrigerate it, or 86 it.

The milk is important. Every so often I feel like having some cereal an milk. But, you know what happens. The milk in the fridge is a high school science fair project. If it's more than a couple of days old, I'm just not interested in it. But, the old milk doesn't always walk itself to the dumpster. So I'll buy a couple of shelf stable milks -- usually the almond stuff and stick them in the back of the pantry and one in the fridge. They're good for a couple of years -- until you open them. Mark the date, because you've got about a week. This works out pretty well for me. Yes. It is a little more expensive. But, how that that compare with expired milk you bought but can't drink? If you're big milk drinkers, buy the regular for every day and the boxed stuff for  emergencies.

Don't forget a couple of cases of bottled water and enough gallons to get you by. I have four gallons in dispenser jugs and try to have another four to six gallons in reserve.

Know the best shopping tip for cases of water and gallon jug water? Curbside pickup or how about free home delivery?

Don't forget the pets. They like to eat, too.