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VMERU's is Rehomed to

Volunteer Mobile Emergency Response Unit (VMERU) web site,, has been relocated to to continue the program's outreach - promoting health, safety and the well being of rescuers. Some of the content, here, is shared on VMERU's Facebook page, where it is widely seen. The organization reached out to emergency responders, providing hands-on care for them at major incidents, providing calorie replacement, hydration, warming and cooling and monitoring for cardiac stress with the aim of "rehabilitation" (Rehab),so that responders could continue to work, following a brief rest on scene. At the time, most volunteer departments lacked resources and information needed to be self-suficient in that role. 

Founder and Director Sherry Lassiter, was able to see her organization's efforts multiply before her death in 2018. Departments, having seen the benefits of Rehab developed their own resources for self-care. VMERU refocused, providing online advocacy.